Get $30 and get rid of that extra fridge

From "Older frigs – and most extra units in homes are older – can use more than three times the energy of newer models sold after 2001.

Now, as part of an energy efficiency effort by National Grid, someone will come to Massachusetts and Rhode Island customers’ homes and take extra refrigerators and freezers away – and hand you $30 for the privilege.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates removing a secondary refrigerator can save a household over $100 a year. Add to that of course, the reduction in greenhouse gases and the permanent removal of toxins in the appliances."

Seems like a Win for everyone! So if you have an extra fridge then sign up and get $30 for it!!

The dates available to sign up for pick up in Portsmouth are :
Postal CodeOpen DatesDayTime of DaySelect
028716/13/2009Saturday8AM -- 5PM
028716/19/2009Friday8AM -- 5PM

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